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Getting Bikini-Ready This Summer

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Swimsuit season is not about fashion, or vanity, it is all about health. And to maintain health you need to keep active. If you can work out a few hours a week at home or outside you are already ahead of the curve.

While you have to exercise to keep your body moving and your heart rate up, it is difficult doing it by yourself. This is where a detailed workout plan can really help guide you along. It is safer and it can be more effective. The more effective it is, the more likely you are to keep exercising. Plus, it is more fun when you are having fun.

If You Are Thinking About Going It Alone, Here Are Four Tips To Help Make It Happen

1. Have a fitness routine

Having a fitness routine is important, but it is not fun using the same fitness routine; your body gets used to the same movements, kilometres/miles, or weights. If you want to get fitter and/or stronger and more lean you should always try challenging yourself. Plus, the same routine day in and day out will eventually get boring. Being bored of an exercise routine will quickly turn into an exercise routine that is no longer done. The key to consistent exercise is not willpower but enjoyment. Exercise should be fun, so try different routines: the Bikini Body Workouts programme is an excellent bikini body gym workout plan that contains some amazing routines to mix things up and should help make your exercise routine really fun and enjoyable, plus it will help you look stunning on the beach. We think it is the best weight loss workout regimen at the moment.

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2. Stretching more is just as important as the actual exercise

Stretching helps strengthen muscles, avoiding injuries, and even relieving physical and mental tension: this is one the reason why yoga is so popular. However, most of us do not stretch enough. Not only is a warm-up and post-exercise stretch crucial for those muscles you’re working, but stretching throughout the day can improve the overall health of your body; not stretching enough can cause injuries and muscle strain so stretching is really important to implement into your exercise regimen: this guide should really help you stretch like the pros. 

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3. Walk instead of drive

A simple exercise hack is to walk to places instead of driving. Unless you live in L.A., where walking is apparently illegal, going for a walk is an excellent exercise technique, plus the views you see can always be unique if you walk to places you have never been to before. A healthy person walks at least 10,000 steps a day, using something like Fitbit can really help monitor that. We here at are not fans of quantifying exercise of diet in numeric forms as health and well-being is much more subjective than that but even so walking of great for your health. We are designed to be consistently active throughout the day, but our modern way of life is getting predominantly sedentary. If you have seen the film Wall-E hopefully we do not end up like the characters at the end, floating around on boards expending no energy at all.

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4. Keep hydrated

While exercising it is very important to keep yourself well hydrated. Your body depends on water to maintain fundamental functions such as temperature regulation, protecting organs and tissue, carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells. Water is therefore important for your overall health goals and also crucial for you to achieve your strongest, fittest self. As with most things in life, the amount of water you and your body needs for optimal health varies between individuals due to lifestyle, activity level, and bio-individuality. However, as a minimum it is good practice to be drinking half of your body weight in ounces a day, or just as much as possible.

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With this information, you can keep yourself motivated and you will be able to start or resume an exercise program, or take your exercise indoors. As an added bonus, you will keep your body hydrated and stay healthy.

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