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Six Things To Avoid When Dieting: What Not To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight

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It is often difficult to get started with a diet and you might be looking for a list of some of the best things to eat to lose weight. 

Things To Avoid When Dieting

This article is about mindset and some common mistakes that people often make and what not to eat losing weight. It lists some things you should avoid doing right from the beginning of your diet so that you can get healthy for the long term and stay healthier in your dieting habits. In this article, I go over six of the most common mistakes that people make when thinking about starting a new diet. This article lists these six common things to avoid when dieting so you can remove them from your diet strategy and reach your weight loss goal much faster.

1 You Begin The Diet With Negative Thoughts

"Weight loss is exhausting", "healthy food does not taste nice", "how can I do sports after a long day at work and I'm so worn out?" This is not a good mindset to start your weight loss journey. You need to begin your diet with more positive thoughts. You have to have some determination and not immediately give up if there are no quick outcomes; losing weight is difficult but it doesn't have to be hard. Following a detailed plan like The Custom Keto Diet, which we have reviewed here, will get your weight loss journey off to an excellent start. Good outcomes need time so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to reach your goal.

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2 You Eat Only Low-Fat Foods

You cannot remove fat from your diet completely, so this is one of the key things to avoid when dieting. Fat is an important part of your diet and provides food for your brain, especially if you are following the Keto Diet that excludes carbs and replaces them with fat. Low-fat foods are also not very healthy as they replace fat with lots of artificial sugars to give them some taste. Low-fat foods are often what not to eat losing weight. In addition, these low-fat foods do not fill you up, so you end up eating more of them which is a vicious circle of eating. It is better to eat more whole foods as these are delicious, healthy and can make you feel full for longer so consequently you eat fewer calories. Whole foods are some of the best things to eat to lose weight.

3 You Abuse Yourself By Only Eating Healthy Food

When dieting you might say to yourself "I'm dieting, I cannot eat that!" But sometimes this is not the best thought to have, dieting is difficult so you need to keep your motivation up, giving yourself the very occasional treat can help keep you motivated, which will obviously help you to remain on your weight loss journey. If you keep abusing yourself for enjoying an occasional treat your diet plan is unlikely to be a success. Eating treats in moderation is important, so not every day or even every week, but having a dark chocolate bar once a month if that means you stick to your diet plan for longer will cause you less harm in the long run. Remember, if you want some chocolate you don't have to eat the entire bar; a piece of dark chocolate can be healthy occasionally. Eating treats in very small amounts and very occasionally can be a great preventative measure to prevent unwanted food cravings and keep you motivated to continue with your diet; therefore in this context a treat can be one of the best things to eat to lose weight.

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4 You Don't Admit When On The Wrong Diet Products In Time

May people believe that drinking a shop-bought fruit smoothie during their diet is a good thing to do. This is however very often not the case as shop-bought smoothies are full of sugar. Even if it is fruit sugar, it can be harmful to your diet if you consume too much of it, especially if you are following the Keto Diet as sugars are carbs. Attempt the healthier alternative, a home made green smoothie, which contains a large portion of vegetables, instead of a shop-bought alternative. It will probably be cheaper too and it could also be the answer to the question: what to eat for breakfast when losing weight? A delicious, green, homemade smoothie can be a healthy start to the day.

5 You Do Not Give Your Body Time To Adjust

Do not give up right away if you think you can never get used to living more healthier. It takes a couple of days (or even a few weeks) before your body adjusts to the new healthy eating regimen. So giving up too easily is one of the things to avoid when dieting. You need to be patient and allow your body the time it needs to adjust. Giving yourself time is one the best things to do to lose weight. If you try to start a much healthier diet without gradually introducing more healthy food and exercise into your diet the change may be too extreme for some people and is obviously one of the things to avoid when dieting.

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6 You Put Yourself Under Pressure And Expect Too Much Too Quickly

"I did not have dinner today, why did I not lose weight?" Does this sound familiar? Don't be too hard on yourself and do not expect miraculous results overnight. A diet cannot change everything a week before you go on holiday to the beach, if you want a bikini body you need to follow a detailed exercise plan months before your holiday. When you start losing weight you should avoid weighing yourself every day, as that will probably just demotivate you as weight loss is a slow, gradual process. Weighing yourself every few weeks is more than enough to monitor the changes in your weight.