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What Exercises Are Best For Fitness?

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When you are working hard to get fit and lose weight, you want a routine that offers maximum results and is best for fitness. Shorter bouts of exercise are more effective for losing weight. But what kind of exercise burns the most calories? There are a multitude of exercises in the market which can be used by those who are conscious about their weight. They are divided into two categories: dynamic and static exercises.

Are Dynamic Exercises Best For Fitness?

Dynamic exercises are usually done for short periods of time, but what is a dynamic exercise? Dynamic exercises are suitable for those who are into sports, and are sometimes referred to as isotonic exercises. This type of workout burns more calories than other kinds. Here, you can take up activities like bodybuilding, weightlifting and body shaping. For beginners this training course called The Muscle Experiment is an excellent way to get stronger. It is also currently on sale for $27. The calorie burns are the major reason for getting fit. This type of workout can reduce your fat by 500 calories per session. You can increase the pace of your workout as you get fitter and stronger by adding one or two minutes of the same exercises every few days. There are plenty of mobile, indoor and outdoor courts to engage in these types of workouts.

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Here are some simple dynamic exercise warm up exercises that you can do in your home:

  • arm circles

  • backpeddling (jogging backwards)

  • jumping jacks/star jumps

  • leg swings

  • lunges

  • side shuffles

  • squats

  • walking knee hugs

  • Are Static Exercises Best For Fitness?

    Static exercises are easy to remember as well, but what is a static exercise? Static exercises comprise sitting or lying down, they are sometimes referred to as isometric exercises. They burn a moderate amount of calories. You can engage in this type of workouts for 30-60 minutes at a time. People in this category can burn 500-1000 calories per session. Static exercises also provide great mental and emotional benefits as well. You don't have to strain yourself for a short time and they can be included in your everyday exercise regimen. You can read more about static exercises here.

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    The Difference Between Static And Dynamic Exercises

    Little to no special equipment is needed with either static and dynamic exercises, which makes either perfect for indoor exercising. However, the main difference between the two exercise types boils down to one key thing: movement. A static exercise is, usually, any position you hold to increase flexibility and core strength. As the name suggests it does not have movement. Static exercises have no bouncing and no change of position. On the other hand, a dynamic exercise is any repetitive activity that contains a lot of motion. Usually, dynamic stretches are sports-based motions that are repeated a number of times. Professional athletes typically perform simple dynamic exercises before a game or match as a warm-up activity.

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