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Speed Keto Diet Review: The One Meal A Day (OMAD) Keto Fast Plan

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With the increased popularity of low-carb diets, many people are looking for a way to speed up their weight loss. One method that is becoming more popular is known as the "Speed Keto" diet.

In this diet, you combine normal keto with eating one meal a day; this combination may be how to lose weight faster on Keto if you are just starting and want to quickly enter ketosis or if your Keto weight loss had plateaued.

The idea behind this type of eating plan is that by limiting your food intake to just one meal a day, you will be able to burn off stored body fats much faster than if you were consuming more meals throughout the course of the day.

Speed Keto is also designed to help you enter and stay in ketosis much quicker, which helps with real weight loss. 

30 Day Speed Keto Diet Plan Product Review: The Best Fastest Keto Diet To Lose Weight Fast?

  • Main Benefits: A digitally developed program that helps to lose weight fast and gain back lost fitness

  • Duration: 30 days

  • Price: $39.00

  • sin or slim speed keto meal guide for beginners

    What Is Keto?

    In recent years, high fat, moderate protein, and low-carb diets have been a popular way for people to lose weight and feel healthier. The ketogenic diet in particular has become increasingly popular as research shows that it can be an effective tool in helping you reach your health goals.

    This type of eating plan focuses on fat rather than carbohydrates. It’s also known as “keto” or “low carb” because high levels of healthy fats make this kind of food much lower in carbs than other types of foods. Keto protocols works by the naturally occurring process called ketosis. This is where you starve your body of glucose, which for most people is the main source of fuel, and instead your body burns fat from your body or your diet for fuel. To successfully enter ketosis you need to eat fewer than 50 grams of carbs per day.

    What Foods Can You Eat On Keto?

    I have written a couple of detailed articles on this. One is perfect for beginners and the other is a more general list of foods that are Keto-friendly. To start I recommend my beginner-friendly article, it contains ten foods that every new Keto dieter should be eating.

    The more advanced Keto dieter may find the general list of foods more useful.

    What Is Ketosis?

    Ketosis occurs when there isn't enough carbohydrate available from what's eaten to produce glucose. When blood sugar drops too low, cells start using stored energy sources like bodyfat instead. As long-term use continues, the brain changes its metabolism so it runs better on ketones alone. Learn how to get into a state of ketosis here.

    Many people find Keto to be difficult to maintain, but with the right guidance, Keto long term is very possible.

    There are many different types of Keto diet programs. The Custom Keto Diet is a very popular variation of Keto, you can read my review article on it here. Another Keto diet program that will help you lose weight is called Original Speed Keto, but most people shorten it to Speed Keto.

    How Fast Is Keto Weight Loss?

    People generally report a weight reduction within the first week of Keto of between 1 pound (0.5 kg) to 10 or more pounds (5 kg). The heavier you are when you start Keto the more water weight you are likely to lose. Over the longer term the average Keto weight loss is about 1-2 pounds per week.

    A ketogenic diet has been shown to be a successful method of weight loss in many cases. However, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" diet and the success rates vary based on many factors including how fast you lose weight.

    How To Speed Up Weight Loss On Keto?

    For people who have been unsuccessful with real weight loss on Keto so far, start by adding a high-fat dairy like cream and butter to your daily meals. This can help increase fat burning and provide a faster route to weight loss. Intermittent fasting can also speed up Keto weight loss.

    Intermittent fasting is also a great way to kickstart ketosis for people who have been struggling.

    What Is Intermittent Fasting?

    Intermittent fasting operates on a number of principles which include following a restricted period of time every day with no food intake, periods of eating with strict restrictions on what can be eaten, and periods where there are no restrictions on what can be eaten.

    This type of diet has been around for quite some time but recently gained popularity due to its ability to help people lose weight in an effective manner. Intermittent fasting works well when combined with other types of diets such as Keto or paleo.

    What Is The Keto Fasting Diet?

    The keto fasting diet is a type of modified fast where the person eats nothing but meat, fat, and non-starchy vegetables. It is a type of low carb, high-fat diet that can be the fastest way to lose weight on keto that really helps people lose weight.

    It is quite common for people to include intermittent fasting with the Keto diet. The most common form is to use the 16:8 ratio, whereby people are allowed to eat in an 8-hour window but then fast for the remaining 16 hours. Speed Keto takes this a few steps further by emphasizing one Keto-friendly meal per day and changes the ratio to 23:1 intermittent fasting keto.

    What Is Speed Keto?

    Speed Keto is a 30-day program that combines Keto (80% fat, 15% protein, 5% carbs) with intermittent fasting (eating one meal a day; OMAD), making it a more extreme form of Keto. Speed Keto is designed to get you into ketosis quicker which should help with quick weight loss.

    Speed Keto is not designed to be a long term diet plan. Speed Keto gets your body to be fat-adapted quicker than other Keto diets as fasting mirrors the main reason why Keto works in the first place: starvation. Ketosis is the natural way your body survives famine and starvation; it uses fat stores in your body to survive.

    Once Speed Keto has done its job, it will be time for the move to a more sustainable Keto diet for the long term. Speed Keto uses intermittent fasting as its main form of losing weight. Instead of eating one meal a day, on Speed Keto you only eat one meal. The meal should of course comprise high fats, low carb Keto-friendly healthy foods.

    Speed Keto taps into the body’s fat-burning system faster using controlled fasting and emphasizes having just one meal a day.

    sin or slim fast keto weight loss profile

    What Are The Benefits Of Speed Keto? Fast Results From Fasting.

    The benefits of Speed Keto are that it helps you lose weight, has no side effects, and improves quality of sleep and better mental health. There is no need to count calories, or count fat grams or how much protein you are eating. There is no need to use an app or eat late-night fat bombs as you only eat one meal a day.

    Keto is known to have excellent health benefits including lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

    Can Speed Keto Be Used As An Anti-Inflammatory Treatment?

    As both Keto and intermittent fasting reduce inflammation, combining them together can be very beneficial. Inflammation is how your body copes with stress, infection, and physical injury. Inflammation can also be beneficial as it leads to muscle growth after an intense workout.

    Inflammation is not always beneficial, such as inflammation associated with cancer tumor growth and heart disease. Keto has been shown in many studies to help reduce this non-beneficial inflammation. This is primarily due to ketones being less inflammatory than glucose.

    Can Speed Keto Help Me Lose Weight?

    The main goal and reason to use Speed Keto is for its incredible rapid weight loss. The quicker you enter ketosis the quicker you will experience the health and weight loss benefits of Keto. By forcing your body to enter ketosis very quickly this is how Speed Keto works so well.

    The initial weight loss is likely water weight or muscle weight, but long term weight loss is also incredible.

    Will Speed Keto Help You Lose Weight Sustainably?

    This is up to you. No diet will lead to weight loss without a calorie deficit: meaning you need to eat fewer calories than you burn. Every diet needs your help to lose weight. Exercise is always recommended in combination with dieting. Speed Keto is designed to be especially short term, as it can be difficult to sustain eating a lot of food once a day.

    This meal plan not for everyone. Speed Keto can be incredible for weight loss, but it is probably best viewed as a short term diet, with something like The Custom Keto Diet as a more long term, more sustainable add-on diet.

    What Do You Get With Speed Keto?

    The package contains The Speed Keto Quick Start Guide, The Speed Keto Complete Guidebook, The Speed Keto Shopping List, the Speed Keto Calendar, and three special bonuses.

    The Speed Keto Quick Start Guide is a short but easy-to-use beginners guide to keto that quickly explains the ketogenic diet, how it works, how to get fast results in weight loss and body fitness in general, and how to avoid the most common mistakes other people make when starting the ketogenic diet. 

    The Speed Keto Complete Guidebook is a step-by-step guide that will help you learn how your body works and how changing your diet and lifestyle will achieve the goal of losing weight and completely transforming the body. This book is the heart of the Speed Keto program and has helped more than 25,000 people achieve their goals.

    This book will teach you:

  • How can you increase your metabolism to prepare you to burn stored body fat.

  • How to keep away weight lost for life.

  • How to speed up your body's fat burning processes.

  • How you can get rid of your hunger with the help of homemade snacks.

  • How to burn fat continuously without cravings for food or sugar.

  • What foods you need to eat and which ones should you avoid.

  • The Speed Keto Shopping List is a weekly shipping list that gets emailed to you. This removes the need to create your own shopping list and removes one of the headaches of Keto; knowing what foods to buy. You can either print the shopping list out and take it with you when you visit the grocery store, or save it to your phone.

    The Speed Keto Calendar is a 30-day calendar that tells you everyday what to eat to achieve your weight loss goals. You can either print it out and put it in a convenient place, or copy all the contents to your online diary planner.

    The Speed Keto Bonuses

    easy 30 day Speed Keto meal plan

    The three bonuses will help you to plan a delicious and varied Keto meal every day.

    The Two-Week Meal Plan contains plenty of delicious, healthy, and simple recipes. All you need to do is follow the easy-to-cook recipes once a day.

    The Speed Keto Two-Week Meal Plan Shopping List gives you a weekly shopping list. These are different foods from Module 3: The Speed Keto Shopping List.

    The Two-Week Meal Plan Speed Keto contains some extra easy-to-follow Keto recipes that are designed to be eaten once you have completed the main 30-day Speed Keto plan. You might also consider buying the Custom Keto Diet, for a more sustainable healthier long-term Keto plan, you can read my review of that low-carb diet plan here it also comes with a cookbook and shopping list.

    How Much Does Speed Keto Cost?

    To buy Speed Keto you need to make a single one-time payment of $39. This gives you everything that I have described above. Everything is given to you by a digital program and available immediately upon purchase. 

    Once you pay for Speed Keto you get immediate access to this program in the form of pdf files and you can download them to your device(s).

    Does Speed Keto Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

    You can buy Speed Keto risk free from the official site as there is a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the diet plan. This gives you two months to try the 30-day diet plan. 

    You need to email the Speed Keto support email to initiate your refund request.

    Who Created The Speed Keto Diet? Author Name And Creator Details

    The author of the original Speed ​​Keto is Dr Harlan Kilstein. He has a PhD in Education from Harvard and has started multiple multi-million dollar businesses.

    He is also a health expert and lifestyle coach. He tried the ketogenic diet and started to blog about it: his blog is called Completely Keto. His blog offers hundreds of Keto-friendly recipes and is helping millions of people follow the ketogenic diet. He tried the Speed Keto diet first on himself so you know it is going to work.

    sin or slim low carb high fat foods

    Is It OK To Eat One Meal A Day On Keto?

    It is okay to eat just one meal a day. It can be a big change for the majority of people, therefore many people may struggle with this change in mindset and eating patterns. Intermittent fasting is not for everyone, but some people have had success with it.

    While some people are able to get by just fine with eating once a day, others may find themselves feeling weak or even sick if they go too long without consuming any calories. If this sounds like your situation, then the following tips could be helpful in getting started on an intermittent fast:

  • 1. Understand that there's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to intermittent fasting. You'll want to experiment with different methods until you find something that works best for you. The key thing here is finding out which method of intermittent fasting feels right for you.

  • 2. Start small and work up from there. It can take awhile before you feel comfortable going longer periods between meals.

  • 3. Make sure you're eating enough during those times where you do eat.

  • 4. Be mindful about what foods are allowed or not allowed while you're doing your intermittent fasts.

  • 5. If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor first.

  • 6. Try to stick to the same schedule every day so it becomes habit.

  • 7. Remember: intermittent fasting isn't just for weight loss. There's plenty of research showing how beneficial intermittent fasting can be in terms of health benefits like lowering blood pressure, improving insulin sensitivity, reducing inflammation, etc.

  • Who Is The Speed Keto Diet Suitable For?

    The Speed Keto plan is suitable for nearly everyone over 18. The only exceptions are people with type 1 diabetes, people with kidney disease, people with previous history of having an unhealthy relationship with food- such as eating disorders- and people who are pregnant or who are breast feeding.

    If you are looking to lose with fast and improve your quality of life this diet meal plan will be perfect for you. You can read about the weight loss journeys of people just like you at the official store page of the diet, click this link to get there.

    However, as with any diet it is best to consult with your doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions or concerns.

    Are There Any Risks To The Speed Keto Program?

    Speed Keto works as a ultra-fast weight loss Keto plan. It however does come with some potential risks as it is an extreme diet so it may not be for everyone.

    Is Speed Keto Sustainable?

    If Keto is a restrictive diet, Speed Keto is ultra-restrictive. Speed Keto burns fat in the short-term but it can be difficult to maintain long-term. This makes Speed Keto perfect for short term extreme bursts for dieters looking for a quick weight loss hit, if they have weight loss plateaus. A little like the egg fast Keto. Both are likely unsustainable for the long term, and should be used with both caution and monitoring by a nutrition consultant and a medical professional.

    Is Speed Keto Difficult For Building Muscles?

    Speed Keto may not be suitable for athletes, particularly bodybuilders. It can be difficult to build muscle as protein intake is practically essential for increasing muscle mass. It is nearly impossible to consume the amount of protein needed when intermittent fasting combined with Keto. A more standard Keto diet, like the Custom Keto Diet, may be more suitable if you are trying to increase muscle mass on Keto.

    Does Speed Keto Risk Nutrient Deficiencies?

    Eating one meal a day, unless very careful, can lead to nutrient deficiencies, as it can be difficult meeting your daily nutritional needs. OMAD can also lead to decreased variety of foods in your diet. This makes it vitally important to read the pdfs you get from Speed Keto before attempting the diet as they provide all the information you need to ensure your diet is varied and contains nutrient dense foods. You need to ensure you plan your daily diet so that you get the required macronutrients and micronutrients. Failing to do so risks nutrient deficiencies over time.

    Can Speed Keto Promote Eating Disorders?

    Keto diets in general should be avoided if you have a predetermination for eating disorders/unhealthy eating practices as Keto works by essentially cutting the major food group (carbs) from your diet. As Speed Keto is an extreme form of Keto the risks are particularly high on this Keto variation. Speed Keto is highly restrictive and promotes fasting which can promote unhealthy eating practices in those susceptible to unhealthy food relationships. Always consult a dietician or nutrition experts and/or your medical doctor before starting any restrictive diet.

    Can You Get Keto Flu And Keto Headaches On Speed Keto?

    I have written two articles that focus on Keto flu and Keto headaches. These symptoms are common when removing carbs from your diet so they are not unique to Speed Keto. They may be more common due tot he extreme nature of the diet.

    What Are The Main Pros And Cons Of Speed Keto?


  • The guides include all the information you could ever need to succeed with Speed Keto. The information comes from an expert on the ketogenic diet as well as personal lived experience. Speed Keto continues to help him, it will also help you too.

  • All the information you need is in one place. There is no need browse blogs (other than of course!) for additional information. The shopping lists make it very easy to get all the nutrients you need from healthy, Keto-friendly, fatty foods.

  • The support you receive from the guides and community is second to none, all at a very low price.

  • You will be worry-free with the help of Original Speed ​​Keto. All you have to do now is join the plan, and you will see success in a short amount of time.

  • Cons

  • Staying in ketosis can be tricky, the guides will help of course, but it is up to you to stick to the diet. Eating one meal a day can be difficult to stick to. You need strong will power, which can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.

  • Speed Keto is not founded on a sustainable nutritional philosophy

  • All the materials are online, some people like flicking through paper and hardcover books.

  • Speed Keto Diet Review: Summary

    For those who want a quick guaranteed way to enter ketosis fast, Speed Keto could be a perfect magical solution for you. Speed Keto combines Keto with OMAD intermittent fasting meaning it can be easier to start losing weight than more traditional Keto diets as there is less need for counting calories and macronutrients as you are only eating once a day. This should also mean that you are more likely to burn more calories than you consume; the two biggest challenges for any low carb diet.

    Speed Keto also has many unique features that other Keto diets do not have. However, intermittent fasting is not for everyone so you need to think carefully if the Speed Keto plan is right for you. 

    If weight loss is your goal then the specific Speed Keto focus of rapid weight loss may be just right for you. If you are looking for a similar but simpler and less extreme Keto diet alternative the Custom Keto Diet could be a better option for you.

    Speed Keto is an excellent way of entering ketosis very quickly, you could then start the Custom Keto Diet as a more sustainable long term diet plan once the 30 days of Speed Keto are up.

    Finally, I recommend you try Speed Keto if you are looking for a healthy, quick, and effective weight loss meal plan. 

    My Rating Out Of Five